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Information to suppliers nominated for a human rights audi

Demonstrating respect for human rights in the entire value chain is one of the most important values in the energy industry. Our efforts in this work is united in a common industry framework with focus on continuous improvements. This is done through a process of independent audit providers of the supplier’s worksite performance and management system towards internationally recognised standards.

This industry approach allows you to demonstrate respect for human rights towards other potential clients, and to obtain timesaving audit processes.

The human rights audits are conducted through an industry collaboration, and the Human Rights Audit Service is coordinated by Offshore Qualific.

The service is supported by functionality in the supplier register Magnet Joint Qualification System (Magnet JQS). There are two main types of audits; HuRi audit and HuRi Desktop audit.

HuRi audit

HuRi audits can be conducted as an onsite-, and/or interview based audit. The audit provider will publish their report and findings after the audit has been completed. When the report is published, the Supplier is encouraged to document any actions taken to close identified gaps. Descriptions and supporting documents can be uploaded to Magnet JQS. The report will be available for other members of the industry collaboration. Your company will be contacted by auditors representing Offshore Qualific. They will provide you with further details regarding the audit process.

HuRi desktop audit

When the audit will be conducted as a desktop audit, you need to fill in a questionnaire in Magnet JQS and upload evidence documents (in English) to support your answer. An audit provider will review your submission and conduct the desktop audit. The report will be available for other members of the industry collaboration. You will receive a system notification when you have been nominated for an audit. Please complete and “submit” the questionnaire as soon as possible, and within 10 working days from the nomination. During the audit process the Supplier may be asked to provide additional information or clarify their response within the questionnaire. The supplier will be notified by email as soon as the auditor has submitted the initial score. Clarifications should be done as soon as possible and within two working days.

Please read the following instructions carefully.

Frequently asked questions



The report will be available for members of the service and operators on the NCS. The following companies are currently members of the Service: Equinor, Wintershall Dea, Aker BP, ConocoPhillips and Vår Energi.

This is a global service and the general rule is that all energy operators can become a user organisation. Other companies are subject to reference group approval.

Your company has been nominated by one of your clients or a potential client. Questions regarding the nomination must be addressed to the requestor (your client).

Offshore Qualific is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Offshore Norge industry assciation. Our purpose is to make provision for supplier qualification processes and standardised auditing services which promote safe and effective operations in the energy industry.

Magnet JQS is a service that supports qualification of suppliers. It manages supplier information and risk in the supply chain, and enables efficient purchasing in accordance with EU regulations, covering most procurement needs.

Magnet JQS is utilized for sharing audit results among member companies. HuRi audits are facilitated by functionality and processes implemented in Magnet JQS.


There is no direct cost for the supplier being nominated for a Human Rights audits. The audit fee will be paid by Requestor.

Recognising the industry has shared supply chains, we designed a common questionnaire to promote efficiency and reduce the reporting burden for suppliers who will likely receive different requests from their customers. By agreeing a common questionnaire, it is anticipated this will reduce any duplication of efforts, minimise the cost of compliance and provide clarity to suppliers by using consistent terminology.

No. The questionnaire has been developed in a collaborative manner between the participation companies, and in consideration of applicable domestic and international laws.

The audit report will be published and made available for the members of the service. If any findings have been identified, you are encouraged to add information about planned actions to close the gap, and mark actions as complete once actions have been implemented. This information will also be available for members of the service.

No. Sections 1-10 are mandatory. Sections 11-13 are optional, but suppliers are encouraged to respond to these questions. Requestor might request supplier to respond to all questions in the questionnaire.

Yes. Without evidence documents, the auditor will not be able to verify compliance and you will receive a low score. Please read the information under the Evidence details link for more information about what is expected to be submitted.

It has been decided by the service owners that the audit process will only accept documentation in English. Suppliers are therefore encouraged to translate relevant sections and/or sentences to document compliance. Translations can be uploaded in a separate document and referenced in the comments section for relevant questions.

If you are not able to provide documentation in English, this must be discussed directly with the requestor (your client).

The scoring criteria are defined by the member companies of the service. Requirements for each question are available information in the questionnaire. 3rd party audit providers and auditors, expects on the topic, conduct the audits to secure a consistent approach and scoring for each audit.

The interpretation of these scores is however, for the operators to determine for themselves. Eg. they could consider company size, country risk profile, SoW risk ect.

Once the report is published, you can discuss together with the requestor what types of actions (if any) they require your company to implement based on the audit.

There are unfortunately no language versions in Magnet JQS. Contact your client if you are not able to complete the questionnaire in English.

Normal process allows 10 working days (two weeks) form nomination date to complete and submit the questionnaire. However, Requestor might consider the audit to be urgent and will ask you to complete the questionnaire sooner. Remember to click “Submit questionnaire” when you are finished.

If you need additional time to complete the questionnaire, this must be discussed directly with the requestor (your client).

The desktop audit is a standardized process and the auditor have a limited number of days to complete the audit following your submission of the questionnaire. From the auditor submit the initial score – you have two workdays (48 hours) to add additional information that will be taken into consideration before the final score is set and the report is published.

Auditor will proceed and complete the assessment after two days. Please contact as soon as possible after receiving notification about initial score if you are not able to respond within this time frame.

Once the audit has been completed, you will have the opportunity to add additional information as actions taken to close findings. This information will also be available for the members of the service, but it will not be audited by auditor.

The audit is done against the set of criteria listed under “Evidence details” for each question, and the supplier will receive a score for each question based on answer and evidence documents provided. The score scale is from A (highest score) to D (lowest score).

It is up to each company to decide on what scores are acceptable.

First version of the questionnaire was developed by Shell, Equinor, BP and Total in 2018. Today the questionnaire is maintained by all members of the service.

You only need to complete the questionnaire if your company is nominated for desktop audit. The response and evidence documents will be part of the record for the audit. You will only have to complete the questionnaire again if your company is re-nominated.

When you have successfully submitted, the Auditor will review and set an initial score (normally within 5-7 working days).  You will then be notified by the system, and you have the opportunity to clarify or add additional information (within 48 hours/ 2 working days). After 48 hours the auditor will complete the audit, set the final score and publish the report. The requestor will then be notified about your score and findings.

The questionnaire is only available once you have been nominated for audit by requestor. The questionnaire will then be available under the “Capability assessment” tab and you will find the questionnaire in the left column.

The evidence documents will only be available for auditor and members of the service (Energy operators incl. O&G operators on the NCS). Suppliers within Magnet JQS will not have access to auditor results or uploaded evidence documents. The access criteria have been agreed by members of the service.


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