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About us

Offshore Qualific is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Offshore Norge industry association. Our purpose is to make provision for supplier qualification processes and standardised auditing services which promote safe and effective operations in the energy industry.

Our strategy

We will strengthen work on auditing and qualification solutions by:

ensuring high-quality auditing for operational management systems, human rights, security and helicopter services.

promoting collaboration between operating companies and suppliers, and contributing to increased value creation through standardisation of and efficiency enhancements for work processes.

Our values

Our ambition is to be a credible, quality-conscious and value-creating industry player which contributes to efficient supplier qualification in the offshore and energy industry.



Our ambition

Our ambitions are to:

contribute to a supplier qualification system which allows an operator company to exercise its see-to-it duty towards contractors and suppliers in accordance with the Norwegian petroleum regulations

develop standardised audit processes for operational management systems, human rights, security and helicopter services in the collective arena, which provide more efficient and cost-saving work processes for the players

make provision for supplier qualification through common operator requirements as well as standardised data acquisition and sharing in Magnet JQS, which provides increased value creation for operator companies, contractors and suppliers in the supply chain.

Our organisation

Svein Håkon Fjelltun

Director general

+47 988 99 442

Elisabeth Aaserød

+47 45214283

Tove Elin Henriksen

+47 938 37 575

Christian Harestad

+47 466 33 071