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Joint qualification system

Magnet JQS is a digital portal used by operators and contractors in the energy industry to search for, assess and qualify suppliers in accordance with their respective qualification and procurement requirements.

The portal enables efficient purchasing and complies with the EU´s public procurement regulations.

Magnet JQS offers

increased visibility of the supplier’s products and services for new and existing customers

access to standardised supplier information in a common portal

data-sharing across the industry

a precise search function and functionality for users.

Magnet JQS contributes to

Increased visibility of the supplier’s products and services for new and existing customers

Suppliers can promote their products and services through the portal, which may open new business opportunities in the form of contracts from new customers.

Access to standardised supplier information in a common portal

Magnet JQS provides standardised supplier information to support qualification and procurement processes at both operators and other user organisations.

The portal uses the UN standard products and services code (UNSPSC), a recognised category standard which allows suppliers to be as precise as possible in describing their products and services.

Credit and enterprise information from suppliers is communicated from the global business register via Creditsafe Norge AS to end users of Magnet JQS.

Data-sharing across the industry

The portal contains functions which allow users to compare and select data related to individual suppliers in accordance with various parameters.

Buyer organisations can subscribe to news stories concerning the individual supplier.

They can also identify for internal use which suppliers are qualified in line with the requirements set for their procurement processes.

A precise search function and functionality for users

All registered companies can search for and identify suppliers, sub-suppliers or business partners in line with requirements related to procurement and commercial development.

Buyer organisations can search, filter and limit the number of relevant suppliers.

Magnet JQS offers modern search functionality and opportunities for extracting reports and analyses.


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Frequently asked questions

If your company wish to do business with the operators on the Norwegian continental shelf, you should register your company, products and services in Magnet JQS.

Magnet JQS is a portal supporting qualification of suppliers. It manages supplier information and risk in the supply chain, and enables efficient purchasing in accordance with EU regulations, covering most procurement needs.

NOK 5700 per year.

Magnet JQS has adapted the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) as a category standard for the registration of products and services

This information is retrieved on a real-time basis from global business registers through Creditsafe Norge AS.


It is important that all information provided about your company is accurate and updated in a timely manner.

A Certificate of Registration is available once you have met the basic requirements within Magnet JQS.

Yes, there is a REST API. (Test) (Production)

If you are interested in using our APIs, please fill in the order form and submit to Support – Order form

Please also note that there are typical screening requirements for API access requests. These are:

  • Requestor or requestor’s user organization has an active subscription in Magnet JQS (or Human Rights Assessment Service “HuRi”)
  • Requestor is able to provide a reasonable justification for the intended use of the API

Magnet JQS support

Monday – Friday

08 – 16 (CET)

+47 23 26 13 94

Magnet JQS portal

Tove Elin Henriksen

+47 938 37 575