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Operational management system

The industry has established an audit service for supplier operational management system.

By collecting and sharing supplier data, operators can manage risk better in the supply chain, and achieve efficient procurement processes.

Offshore Qualific coordinates the audit service on behalf of the operators on the Norwegian continental shelf.

The audit service contributes to

a common framework for auditing the operational management system at suppliers registered in Magnet JQS

verification and documentation of compliance with requirements in Norwegian health, safety and environmental (HSE) legislation, and with international standards in this area

common operator requirements which ensure standardised audit systems and thereby prevent duplication of audit processes

more effective and cost-saving work processes for both operators and suppliers

standardised data acquisition and sharing, which help to increase safety in the industry even further

specialist expertise in the collective arena, contributing to increased experience transfer and learning.

Audit service

  1. Suppliers who are registered in Magnet JQS may be subject to an audit in relation to operational management systems, ref. Magnet JQS Special Terms, section 8.2 Verification which is signed in during onboarding in Magnet JQS.
  2. The purpose of auditing the supplier’s operational management system is to verify compliance with international standards (ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 and 45001, the UN’s guiding principles for business and human rights, and the expectations defined in the IOGP 510 Operating Management System Framework.
  3. The audit also verifies compliance between the supplier’s self-evaluation (capability assessment), which is available in Magnet JQS, and the management system implemented by the supplier.
  4. The audits are carried out by an audit company on behalf of Offshore Qualific.
  5. The revisions are performed on site or via Teams.
  6. The audit reports are published in Magnet JQS, and made available to the operators.


Contact information

Tove Elin Henriksen

938 37 575