In July 2023, a new version of guideline 091 was released, and in this edition, Offshore Qualific has a central role in monitoring security agreements and the parties involved in security efforts.

“On behalf of the NCS Operators, it is Offshore Qualific that signs security agreements and ensures the implementation and follow-up of security audits” says Ole Morten Løge, Facilitator for the security audits. As of January 2024, there are just under 50 companies holding a security agreement. The security agreement grants the company the right to use an Offshore Norge security seal to seal load carriers destined for offshore installations.

“Offshore Qualific will ensure that security audits and follow-up of security agreements are carried out in a uniform and systematic manner. We have entered into framework agreements with Proactima and Nordic Crisis Management, and in 2024, auditors from these companies will also conduct audits of companies renewing their agreements or entering into new ones. We can also schedule random audits or make unannounced visits to verify compliance with the security agreement”, Ole Morten Løge explains.

From 2024, follow-up of security agreements and security audits will take place through the energy industry’s common supplier qualification portal, Magnet JQS. In the portal, users can find a table of companies with security agreements and their validity periods. Companies with agreements will also find information about their agreement and are required to respond to any findings from audits in the portal.

“By including this information in Magnet JQS, we ensure that suppliers in the energy industry are monitored in a consistent and standardized manner. In addition, we ensure information flow and access control on data”, says Svein Håkon Fjelltun, CEO of Offshore Qualific.


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