Magnet JQS offers standardised supplier information and data sharing across the industry. Suppliers can register their products and services and increase the probability of becoming a preferred supplier in procurement processes.

Suppliers registered in Magnet JQS may be subject to an audit of the supplier´s operational management system. The operators have established a common audit service and are currently nominating which suppliers they propose to audit in 2024. The nomination process runs until 10 December 2023. The annual audit program includes more than 200 suppliers’ home and abroad already supplying products and services to the operator companies, or suppliers potentially relevant in procurement processes. Offshore Qualific coordinates the work on behalf of the operators.

The purpose of auditing the supplier’s operational management system is to verify compliance with international standards (ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 and 45001, the UN’s guiding principles for business and human rights, and the expectations defined in the IOGP 510 Operating Management System Framework. The audit also verifies compliance between the supplier’s self-evaluation (capability assessment) and the management system implemented by the supplier. The capability assessment is a capacity assessment of the supplier’s management system. The capability assessment is available in Magnet JQS and must be completed by all companies registered in the portal.

The audits are performed on site or via Teams by a third-party audit company on behalf of Offshore Qualific.

The audit reports are published in Magnet JQS and made available for the operators. Other buyer organisations can have access to the audit reports by seeking access to the individual supplier via functionality in Magnet JQS.

Standardised supplier data and audit processes contributes to more efficient and cost-saving work processes both for operators and suppliers. Improved quality of acquired supplier information and the access to data-sharing via the Magnet JQS portal, will allow operators to manage risk better in the value chain related to procurement processes. 

For more information about Magnet JQS please visit:Magnet JQS – Offshore Qualific