The annual joint audit of Bristow Norway AS was performed by the operators from 23 to 27 October. The audit work included the head office at Sola and the base locations in Florø, Bergen and Hammerfest. The audit team has consisted of representatives from several operators holding the specialist responsibility for the joint audit.

The annual audit program is extensive and covers all aspects of helicopter operations within the helicopter operator. We verify the supplier´s management system and local management responsibilities, flight operations, SAR – Search and Rescue Operations and supplier follow up to mention some of the topics included in the joint audit, says Ole Morten Løge, Fasilitator Joint audit services in Offshore Qualific. We also verify the helicopter operator´s follow up of action plans from the previous year’s audit as part of the continuous improvement of the supplier’s work. This year we have also had extra focus on ensuring follow-up of operations at the helicopter terminals, he says.

The joint audit process is managed by Offshore Qualific, a subsidiary of Offshore Norge. For further information please see: Helicopter – Offshore Qualific