It is nice to have the opportunity to participate in Equinor’s supplier day. As a relatively newly established subsidiary of Offshore Norway, it is important for us to reach out with information about our purpose, which is to strengthen work with supplier qualification and audit services.

Operators in the energy industry are our key stakeholders. Arenas like this one give us a unique opportunity to support the operator’s efforts to collaborate with highly competent suppliers whose competence and capacity are in line with operator’s requirements and standards for health, safety and environment (HSE), ethics and corporate social responsibility,” says Svein HÃ¥kon Fjelltun, CEO of Offshore Qualific.

We manage Magnet JQS, a supplier qualification portal. The operators use Magnet JQS as a database where they can search for, assess and qualify suppliers according to their qualification and procurement requirements. Furthermore, the suppliers are given the opportunity to highlight their products and services and thus increase the probability of becoming a preferred supplier. Magnet JQS also gives suppliers the opportunity to use the portal as a buyer organization. There are many benefits here, both for operators, contractors and suppliers,” he says.