For user organizations the benefits will be:

– Simplified user experience for end users

– Simplified user administration (user onboarding and offboarding) in Magnet JQS.

You can also read more about Microsoft Entra ID (B2B Collaborationhere.

Go live and migration of users is planned for 3rd of May 2024.


FAQ – Microsoft Entra ID for Magnet JQS

Q: Who will be affected?

A: All current users of Magnet JQS

Q: Will I be notified?

A: On first time logon after the migration, you will be prompted to set up your Microsoft two-factor authentication method.

Q: As an existing Hello Administrator, will my role be carried over?

A: No, user administration will be done by Company Super Users in Magnet JQS only.

Q: How to add new users to Magnet JQS?

A: Company Super Users can add new users in Magnet JQS as today. User administration in will happen in Magnet JQS only.

Q: How do I find out who my Company Super Users are?

A: If this information has not been made available to you internally, please contact support


For more information and support;

+47 23 26 13 94

Monday – Friday

(08:00 – 16:00)